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ICO project development Business plan

The main purpose of a business is to obtain financing. The total amount of funds raised for our clients is estimated at billions of rubles.

ICO business plan creation prices

Analysis of the initial data

330 USD

Marketing research

4 000 USD

ICO project strategy development

2 000 USD

Financial models

1 700 USD

Communication with addressees

1 800 USD


9 830 USD

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Business planning services Elephant ICO

Key activities

Analysis of the initial data

Is the initial stage of the business plan development identifying the needs of the client and the adequacy of available data.

Marketing research

Commonly we conduct quantitative (secondary) studies to determine the market capacity and also if necessary qualitative studies for the initial data collection.

ICO project strategy development

Jointly with a client, based on the initial data and the research results we generate a strategy for the project and a calendar plan for its implementation.

Financial models

We build reliable financial models based off of proprietary data and approach each individual client tuned to their unique needs

Communications with the addressees

We execute a business plan and presentation in accordance with the generally accepted standards to clearly convey to the reader all the ideas.

Our experience in Business-plan development.

Business Plan specialization
We specialize in the business plan development for ICO projects of various scale and scope of activities. We have experience in the high-tech business plan creation based on blockchain technology./div>
Why us?
Using best practices of business plan development lets us create most viable business. The technologies we use allow us receive the maximum output for every ruble spent avoiding financial failures in the future.
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