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Project complex preparation for ICO services

We know how to prepare a platform for investment collection

Prices for the ICO project services

Project technical infrastructure development, internal wallets system in particular ETHERIUM (ETH)

2600 USD

Payment tools development and integration

3300 USD

Technical requirement and financial logic reconciliation

2600 USD

Smart Contract development (ETHERIUM)

1600 USD

Wallet and payment solutions system testing and launching

650 USD

Token emission and deployment to blockchain

1000 USD

Transaction Processing BTC/ETH - ETH, USD/EURO wire -ETH for the ICO period (up to 30 days)

750 USD


12500 USD

Website design development for the ICO services

We know what investors need, and develop the websites most suitable to meet their requirements.
  • 1

    Website idea
    and layout approval

  • 2

    Website live
    version development

  • 3

    Smart-contract introduction
    to the website

  • 4

    Investor Personal
    account website introduction

  • 5

    Website launch

  • 6

    Measures connection
    and analytic services

Services business planning

ICO Investor Personal Account development

It is important for investors to have all the personal data and cryptocurrency reliably protected. We use the advanced encryption and personal data protection technologies. Our staff of programmers are working 24/7 for your investments security.

ICO project presentation (Whitepaper)

The projects concept is the originator’s task. Our specialists will introduce it in the form of presentation. The White paper should contain the following information: business plan, ideology, manifest, the idea description, market analysis, way of involving and a functionality description. White paper is important not only for the token buyers but for you also – it perfectly structures the project information.

Bounty program

During ICO conduction - pre-fundraising for a start-up of a new crypt, the developers are interested in promoting of their product. They reserve part of the coins for the rewards of the most active promoters. Bounty is the opportunity to receive your part of the project coins without your own funds investment funds by doing for this project useful actions aimed to promote the project.

Smart-contracts development and introduction

Smart-contracts allow you to avoid stakeholders such as banks, lawyers, notaries etc., as they independently verify and approve the terms of the transaction.

Escrow services

We provide a full legal support of projects at pre-ICO and ICO stages.

Independent escrow agents
We may provide you with an independent escrow service. The escrow agent will act as a third party and will become the warrantor of your money protection.

High level security
We provide a full legal support of projects at pre-ICO and ICO stages.

Multi-sig wallet
Multi-sig wallet (multisignature wallet) requires more than one key to authorize transactions. It is much more difficult to “steal” two keys. Thus, such system protects you better. Furthermore, such protection system excludes the human factor.

Decentralized escrow
With a decentralized escrow, the owners of the tokens control the redistribution of the tokens by a majority of votes. They make up and execute decisions on the assets.
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